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What is the Black Women Alliance?

The Black Women Alliance – All Against Violence is an initiative to support organizations led by black women and trans people, who work to combat racism, to develop projects in a context of impunity in cases of racial violence. The partnership initiated between ELAS+ Giving for Change and Ford Foundation offers to social investors an opportunity to form an alliance to strategically strengthen organizations.

What we want?

We want to contribute to the promotion of racial equity in the country, act to reduce the rates of violent deaths of black children and young people, black women victims of domestic violence and femicide, and the murder of black LGBTQIAP+. History shows that direct investments in the hands of social movements and black movement leaders, especially black women, promote equity in achievements and access.


Building a legacy of laws and public policies that change the racist scenario of Brazilian society for this and future generations.

Boosting the important moment we are experiencing in Brazil, where cases of racism and violence against black people are gaining widespread notoriety and generating increasing indignation.

Strengthening the role of black women in leading these transformations.


Investing BRL 15 million in women-led organizations and alliance actions;

Promoting workshops and institutional strengthening;

Enabling spaces for political articulation and dialogue between movements;

Articulating exchanges between black activists in Brazil and the United States;

Organizing the exchange with activists in the United States.

Who is part of it?

The Black Women Alliance – All Against Violence began in 2021 with direct support to 78 organizations led by black women and black trans people who developed actions during one year. In 2022, 16 organizations and networks with activism experience were selected, which will have 27 months to develop their projects in three lines of action:

And we want to expand the support to more 30 organizations.

Women in the Black Alliance to End Violence

The political action of black women in Brazil has been stimulating mentality changes in Brazilian society, denouncing the violent deaths of black people in the country and abroad. Thus, they daily build a social narrative where racism is a crime and black lives matter.

The article of the 1988 Constitution that criminalizes racism

Advances in the Sexual and Reproductive Health agenda

The mandatory teaching of African and Afro-Brazilian history in public schools

The Statute of Racial Equality

The quota policy that provides 50% of vacancies at federal institutes and higher education institutions for public school students

Black Women’s March in Brasília, which mobilized around 50 thousand women in defense of well living and against racism and violence