Black Women Alliance

Black Women in Alliance to End Violence

The political action of black women in Brazil has been stimulating mentality changes in Brazilian society, denouncing the violent deaths of black people in the country and abroad. Thus, they daily build a social narrative that racism is a crime and black lives matter.

Supported Groups

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The experience of the Black Alliance for the End of Violence in the United States has been incredible

During the first week, the Alliance participated in important meetings in New York, such as the UN Forum, the Ford Foundation, the Brazil Foundation, the Permanent Mission of Brazil to...
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A new space for Aliança Negra

Welcome everyone, to the newsletter of Aliança Negra pelo Fim da Violência [Black Women Alliance – All Against Violence] - a program comprised of civil organizations and networks led by...
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Why to form an alliance?

Learn more about the strategies of the Black Women Alliance for the End of Violence Aliança Negra pelo Fim da Violência [Black Women Alliance – All Against Violence] is a...
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How to build possibilities to confront institutional racism and the genocide of the black population in Brazil?

The identification of Black humanity is a process that involves the recognition of colonial practices as the root of racism in Brazil. This also involves political and social processes that...
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Do you want to be
part of this alliance?

You can support through financial resources, promotion or intermediation with potential partners and private investors who also work for social justice and racial equity. Our goal is to expand the alliance to benefit more than 240 thousand people directly and more than 3 million indirectly.