Aliança Negra

How to contribute

To support ELAS+ Giving for Change and groups of women and trans people, you can make a deposit into the organization’s account at Banco do Brasil or opt for an online donation using the credit cards below.

If you would like to obtain personalized information about our work and schedule a visit, book a meeting. For this, contact us.

Choose a donation method

If you prefer, you can deposit directly into our bank account.

ITAU UNIBANCO S.A / Agency: 9161 / Current Account: 10569-8
There are also other ways to invest socially in the Fund. Follow below:


Building a legacy of laws and public policies that change the racist scenario of Brazilian society for this and future generations.

Form, together with other companies, groups of donors to create joint investment baskets.

Encourage the creation of donors circles among company employees.

Hire ELAS+ Giving for Change consulting services to create social responsibility projects for women in your company or institution.


Create or join a donor circle.

Invest in women through monthly, annual or sporadic donations.

Join the volunteer group and donate your talents in the time available.

Participate in personalized forms of donation.

Integrate resource mobilization campaigns.

Disseminate the work of ELAS+ Giving for Change among family members, friends, co-workers, etc.