Aliança Negra

During the first week, the Alliance participated in important meetings in New York, such as the UN Forum, the Ford Foundation, the Brazil Foundation, the Permanent Mission of Brazil to the UN, the Schomburg Center, and the Consulate of Brazil in NY. Additionally, the Alliance organized the “Black Women Alliance: All Fighting Against Violence” event at the People’s Forum, with local support from the Defend Democracy in Brazil – New York Committee.

After each meeting, Alliance representatives handed out a dossier titled “Alliance for Well-being for the Universal Right to Breathe and the End of Racial Violence against Black People” to the participants and authorities at the tables, symbolizing the commitment of the organizations present in the pursuit of a more just and equal society.

Now, the Alliance is preparing for activities in Washington DC, where they will have meetings at the OAS and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and at the State Departments. In addition to the meetings, the Alliance will also have the opportunity to explore the city, visiting monuments and institutions that are essential landmarks of the American and global Black movement, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Keep following our social media channels to stay updated on all these activities, meetings, and cultural exchanges we are carrying out in the United States!

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